Dr. Keith and the Coastline Family Chiropractic staff are incredible! I made an appointment with him to take care of my neck pain and TOS (my fingers kept going numb). On x-ray he discovered I was born with an extra set of ribs and a complete extra vertebra in my spine! I would have never of known what was causing me such pain! My life has taken a complete 180 and I owe it to Coastline Family Chiropractic. They are Family oriented, professional, knowledgeable and unlike any other doctors office I’ve ever been to.

Marcy D.

I was skeptical going back to a chiropractor after an unpleasant experience years ago. I highly recommend everyone goes to Coastline Family Chiropractic even if you’re not in pain. They treat those who are in pain and also those who are looking to maintain their health and wellness. Dr. Keith is top knotch. I will be a patient for life.

Justin T.

I started going to Coastline Family Chiropractic when I was 7 months pregnant! I had no idea pregnant women should be getting adjusted and the difference it made compared to my first pregnancy. Dr. Keith takes his time to explain exactly what’s going on and what your next steps are. My birth was beautiful and much easier and ENJOYABLE than my first! Looking forward to a smooth recovery with the help of Coastline Family Chiropractic! Don’t know how I and little Haden would have done it without you!

Taylor M.

I brought my son Jake to see Dr. Keith after reading structural chiropractic care could help with ADHD. Dr. Keith found a misalignment in Jakes upper cervical spine and after the first treatment I could tell a difference immediately! Jake slept through the night for the first time in 2 years. Dr. Keith also made changes in Jakes nutrition. Jakes teachers had commented on what a change he’s made. From a little boy that couldn’t sit still to thriving in the classroom and with his classmates. I myself am also a patient now at Coastline Family Chiropractic and taking control of my health!

Julie H.
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