Proper Nutrition and Guidance for Weight Loss

One of the primary health problems that most Americans encounter is obesity. The obesity rate in America is 42.4 percent in 2020. It is the first time surpassing the 40 percent mark. It clearly states that proper nutrition and wellness are now lacking. 

It is undeniable that losing weight is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you are under stress, have limited time, or busy with your work. But it does not mean you will neglect your body and stay close to a high-calorie diet.

People seeking to Lose Weight in Rockledge should go to Coastline Family Chiropractic in Barnes Boulevard. It is a chiropractic clinic in Florida that guides you throughout your weight loss journey. Note that the National Institute of Health highly recommends that individuals learn and understand nutritional issues they are experiencing or currently encountering. It helps people manage the risks and solve them in a non-invasive and practical manner. 

Brace yourself in the ways of maintaining proper nutrition and managing your weight. Here are the things that you need to bear in mind.

What is a Healthy Diet Plan

Having your own eating plan can help you manage your weight. It all starts with the food that you eat. Deciding on the food to eat is sometimes tiring because you do not know what is beneficial and appropriate with your condition. 

It is essential to have foods that can keep you an energy boost without suffering from too many calories. Having a wide variety of colors on your plate is truly magnificent. It is not only good for the eyes but also pleasing for your body needs. Dark to light leafy greens, tomatoes, oranges, and even herbs are packed with essential nutrients, fiber, minerals, and nutrients. 

The Dietary Food Guidelines for Americans proposed these effective eating plants to improve your wellness and boost your health.

  • Prioritize vegetables, fruits, fat-free to low-fat milk, and whole grains
  • Give yourself a wide array of essential protein like lean meat, seafood, poultry, egg, beans, and peas, as well as seeds, nuts, and soy products.
  • If you want to fill in your body with comfort foods, always choose products that have low cholesterol, trans fat, saturated fats, salt, and low to no sugar. 
  • Make sure that you regulate your calorie intake and do not exceed the recommended limit.
  • Track your meal portion sizes as well as their meal composition, and nutritional content
  • Learn different methods of preparing food

Coastline Family Chiropractic Rockledge, FL can help you come up with a health plan that can capture all the food groups needed by your body. Lose weight in Rockledge through Dr. Hurley’s programs where you can track your food intake and manage your overall wellness.

What are the Essential Food Group


You can have great choices with fruits - they can be canned, fresh, and even frozen. There is a handful of options that will surely give you enough energy. You can have apples, bananas, pineapples, mango, kiwi fruit, avocado, and lots more. 

If you do not have any access to fresh fruits, you can try canned, frozen, or dried fruits. It also gives you the same nutrients and boosts. However, just be aware of dried and frozen fruits because some of them contain sugar or syrup.


Steamed and grilled vegetables can strengthen your body and increase your alertness. It stores fiber that helps you with your digestion and combat diseases. You can also have a wide array of textures and flavors. It is low-fat and low in calories. Eating vegetables can assist you in your weight loss journey. 

There are many ways to cook vegetables, and you can saute them in your pan or have them frozen to serve as a side dish. If you are using canned vegetables, make sure to have no added salt, cream sauces, or butter. Explore the goodness of vegetables, and your life will never get boring.


The great source of protein lies in meat, whether chicken, beef, pork, and even dry beans. It supplies your body with a great amount of iron, zinc, fatty acids that help you manage your daily tasks and work properly. 

Comfort Food 

Know that the key to a balanced diet is moderation and balance. It does not mean restricting yourself from your favorite comfort food. Only eat them once in a while, and equipped it with healthier food and exercise. 

Tips in Eating Comfort Food

  • Have your schedule in eating your favorite comfort food. 
  • Eat only a small amount or portion.
  • Look for alternative lower-calorie food. 

How to Start Your Weight Loss Program

Coastline Family Chiropractic Rockledge in Florida can assess your condition and possible ways for you to lose weight. They make your weight loss journey manageable, more accessible, and achievable. 

Here are some of the guidelines that you need to know in starting your weight loss journey. 

Your safety is the Priority

Before jumping off your weight loss program, it is essential to ensure that it is safe. Dr. Keith Hurley will assess your body condition if you are currently experiencing any back problems or back pain. 

Know that this journey is not that easy as your think, so prepare both your body and will to achieve your goal. You can expect pain as you start the exercise; it is pretty standard. However, be aware and cautious with the pain during your exercise. If you think it is beyond what you can handle, tell your doctor about your discomfort and pain.

It is also essential if you will record and monitor your developments. Work hands-on with your doctor and report any changes and progress that you are experiencing during the program. 

Start with Gentle Exercise

Begin your weight loss journey with gentle exercises, like walking, jogging, and simple water therapy. It is essential to minimize the chances of body stress and to strain your muscles and joints.  Gentle exercises prepare your body for full-blown exercises. It is essential for your overall health and fitness. 

Studies have seen that exercises conducted in water are better than on land. It is because the gravity counteracts in water that helps you support your body. It strengthen and conditions your body to minimize the chances of injury. 

Proper Hydration

Suppose you want to lose weight, start by hydrating yourself. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Know that having enough supply of water in your body can help your body transport essential nutrients and easily eliminate wastes in your body.

Know that your discs are composed of water, and you need to stay hydrated to ensure that fluids and nutrients are delivered adequately to your spinal structures. If you are in a program that aims to promote weight loss, then drinking enough water can help your body boost your metabolism and minimize chances of water retention.

What are the Effects of Environmental and Behavioral Factors on your Weight Loss and Diet

Coastline Family Chiropractic takes into account the different factors that greatly influence your eating habits. For example, your anger, boredom, stress, and sadness significantly affect your diet in terms of your consumption quantities and the kind of food you will eat.

Behavioral factors like your mood and feelings are not constant, and it changes all the time. And these changes can trigger the desire to eat and crave unhealthy foods. 

Environmental factors, on the other hand, are the stressful situations that you are experiencing. If you are under stress, one of the cope up mechanisms of your body is eating. 

To properly track the food that you eat as well as your calorie consumption, write the foods that you eat. It will help you understand and know what are the effect or changes that you are now experiencing. 

To be motivated and not lose your will, it would be great if you have your own partner or a friend who is also under your program. Talk to them, share your sentiments and ideas. It will help both of you to be inspired and stick to your goal. Also, develop positive behavior and always look on the bright side of the situation. Always stick to your goal to minimize distractions. 


A diet is something that is progressive. With the influence of different factors that shape your diet patterns, what keeps you on track is your motivation to move on. Proper nutrition and proper guidance can help you improve your overall wellness and minimizes the chances of health problems. A healthy diet can and adequate exercise can also help you lower the possibility of back-related pain.

Make sure you stay focused and keep your goal as your motivation. 



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