Prenatal Care

What is prenatal chiropractic?

Pregnant women can experience back pain, neck strain, muscle spasms, or cramps from carrying their extra weight around during this time. Prenatal chiropractic offers relief by correcting misaligned vertebrae, reducing stress on muscles, and enhancing blood flow through your body's circulatory system. Hence, you get all the nutrients necessary for both mommy and baby.

Pregnancy and chiropractic treatment

Many new mothers find themselves going through a lot more pain than they expected when it comes to child-bearing. 

The majority of pregnant women are likely to have some form of discomfort in the area around her tailbone or hip before she delivers.

Although there is no way for them to know the specific cause, doctors suggest possible explanations like being overweight or carrying high up on your body at different points throughout the day.

Chiropractor treatment provides natural pain relief for pregnant women without any risk to the baby - unlike prescription medication which could potentially pose harmful side effects on your unborn child. 

Chiropractors in Rockledge, Florida, also provide helpful adjustments if the mom-to-be has been experiencing hip or back discomfort while pregnant due to increased weight gain/baby bump growth in those areas. 

Our team at Coastline Family Chiropractic will help adjust joints before they become too tight from being overused like many other medical conditions.

Is it safe for pregnant mommies?

Chiropractic care is a safe, natural way to maintain the health of your spinal column and joints. Chiropractors provide adjustments that reduce nerve stress in patients without drugs or surgery. They are often recommended for pregnant women with certain complications who would otherwise need medical intervention such as pain medication or childbirth interventions like forceps delivery. 

Chiropractors also adjust misaligned vertebrae and support nerves throughout the body using hands-on therapy similar to physical therapy sessions.

Don't let pregnancy cause you pain. 

Regular chiropractic visits during your pregnancy can help support a healthy pelvis and spine, which will benefit both mother and child.

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