Business and Industries in Rockledge, FL

The Rockledge, FL area is home to a variety of different businesses and industries. This includes everything from commercial shipping facilities and logistics services to high-tech aerospace companies. The city has been undergoing an economic transformation since the 1990s, with its focus shifting away from agriculture towards service industries such as tourism and hospitality. 

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Some of the more notable companies include:

- Harris Corporation manufactures high-tech electronics and communications equipment. This company moved its headquarters to Rockledge in 1986. The business has continued to expand over the past thirty years, using the city as a base for many of its research and development operations.

- OneWeb LLC is a start-up satellite technology firm that was founded by former Google employees and Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic fame. It received $1 billion of investment capital in 2015 and plans to launch a series of low-orbit satellites in order to provide internet service to many parts of the world that do not have access.

- Embraer S.A., a Brazilian aerospace company, has one of its six engineering facilities located in Rockledge. The focus here is on engineering for new airplane and helicopter models.

- Florida Tech - The city of Rockledge has long been known as a center for education, thanks to the presence of one of the nation's top-ranked universities. Florida Institute of Technology is a private research institution that offers a wide variety of degree programs in areas such as engineering, aeronautics, and space exploration.

-Altec Industries, on the other hand, manufactures industrial machinery such as forklifts and pallet jacks. It has been based out of Rockledge since the 1980s.

-General Electric Aviation Systems designs aircraft engines for commercial use, Rocketdyne Propulsion & Power which produces rocket engines for space exploration missions among others. 

-Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex  – The city of Rockledge is located less than an hour from the Kennedy Space Center, which has been a launching site for NASA's space missions for over 50 years. This popular tourist attraction includes tours of different rocket launch facilities and a wide variety of exhibits that showcase past and present accomplishments in the field of space exploration.


Rockledge's proximity to Orlando International Airport makes it an excellent location for travelers who want to explore Central Florida's top attractions on their holiday or business trip while still maintaining a low cost of living. So whether you're looking for a vacation destination or a new place to call home, Rockledge may be perfect for you.

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